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We are proud to announce our latest publication:

by Hermann Sasse

Including a foreword by Matthew Harrison and an introduction by John T. Pless

This book is a very readable translation of sermons and congregational lectures from one of the leading voices of confessional Lutheranism in the twentieth century, forged in the tumultuous years of Nazi Germany. In the midst of suffering, death, and uncertainty, Sasse proclaims peace, life, and sure and certain hope in Jesus Christ and Him crucified with a unique and edifying clarity. A wonderful devotional work for laity and pastors alike, Sasse provides a splendid and lucid model of sound Lutheran preaching, changeless and yet timely, relevant, perhaps more than ever, in our day as well.

Price: $34.99
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$23.99 (limited time Internet price)

Then Fell the Lord's Fire
by Bo Giertz

Translated capably by Bror Erickson, these ordination sermons and essays on pastoral theology by the renowned Swedish bishop and theologian, Bo Giertz, are packed with insight for pastors and help laypeople understand what to expect from faithful pastors and where the true heart of parish life rests. 266 pages.

"Having these ordination sermons in English is a blessing beyond compare. They breathe a graciousness and love for the church which gave us birth, yet pull us toward a pastoral love and practice among God's people flowing from Lutheranism's great gospel center. Three cheers!"
Matthew C. Harrison
, Assistant Pastor, Village Ladue, President, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Price $29.99
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To celebrate a productive 2011, which has included the publication of How to Understand the Sacred Scriptures and Adiaphora and Tyranny, along with a 2nd edition of the Sacred Meditations, we are offering the following bundles:

Buy How to Understand the Sacred Scriptures and Adiaphora and Tyranny together and save!
Flacius Bundle Price: $28.99

Buy How to Understand the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Meditations together and save!
Devotional Bundle Price: $18.99

Adiaphora and Tyranny:
Matthias Flacius Illyricus on Christian Resistance and Confession in the Adiaphoristic Controversy

Including an introduction by Dr. Oliver Olson

When the Schmalkaldic League was defeated at the Battle of Mühlberg and the Elector Johann Frederick was captured, the Lutheran Reformation's future seemed precarious at best. In order to avoid persecution or further hardship, some theologians were willing to assent to compromise formulas intended to placate the Roman Catholic emperor and princes. A few others, however, especially those gathered in Magdeburg, a city under siege, refused to do so. With Matthias Flacius, they held that "in the situation of confession and incitement to sin, nothing is an adiaphoron." This book includes translations of four of the important works Flacius wrote to buoy his fellow believers in their resistance and to explain what he and his coreligionists considered to be the proper biblical teaching regarding adiaphora.

Price: $29.99
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$23.99 (limited time Internet price)

Do you ever struggle to understand the Bible. Matthias Flacius has written a classic and helpful guide:

How to Understand the Sacred Scriptures
from the Clavis Scripturae Sacrae
by Matthias Flacius Illyricus

Including The Life and Theological Contribution of Matthias Flacius Illyricus
by Jack Kilcrease, Ph.D

The Lutheran Reformation sprang from the Scriptures and drew its doctrine from the Scriptures. But many who read the Scriptures came away from them with different interpretations. What was the right interpretation? Luther had toppled the papacy, but would each Christian with a Bible in essence become his or her own pope, interpreting Scripture in his or her own way, with each interpretation real for the interpreter, even if for no one else? This is a question as pertinent today as in Flacius’ time. How can we truly understand the Sacred Scriptures? Thankfully, the Scriptures themselves provide the answer. In this pioneering work of biblical hermeneutics, Flacius provides the reader with a reliable way to know, not what the Scriptures mean for him or her, but what the Scriptures actually and objectively mean, as Scripture interprets itself. 118 pages.

Price $9.99
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Looking to improve your devotional life? Try the Sacred Meditations:

Sacred Meditations Logo

A classic work of Lutheran spirituality by one of its foremost theologians, Sacred Meditations draws the reader deeper into the unfathomable love of Christ. From the depths of sin to the foot of the cross atop Mount Calvary, from the sorrow of the death of a loved one to the joy of the resurrection of the One who loves us most, and everywhere in between, Gerhard takes the reader along on a faith-feeding pilgrimage through the pages of Holy Scripture, a journey not soon forgotten and worth often repeating. Including a fine essay on the life and work of the theologian, the book also provides useful insight into the context in which they were written and the man who penned them. 288 pages.

Price $16.99 (as of 1/29/11)
If you order now through Magdeburg Press, $12.99 (limited time Internet price)

If you're looking for a fast-paced novel rooted in the theology of the cross, also consider purchasing:




Friends since college and fellow Lutheran pastors, Isaac Heinrich, Mike, Phil, and Matthias finally take the trip they’ve dreamed about since college, flying to Germany to tour the Luther lands. In a tragic twist of fate, they’re not the only ones looking forward to their vacation, and a sinister plan has been put in place for their arrival. As the action unfolds and the four find themselves in the middle of a much larger war in which they want no part, a pair of GSG 9 agents—a disheveled and rule-bending borderline alcoholic and his by-the-book partner—work feverishly to save the American tourists’ lives. In the end, however, life and death rest in the pastors’ own hands. Driven by fear, anger, family, and faith, each must decide for himself how his story will unwind, unto life or unto death. 255 pages.

Price $13.99
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About Magdeburg Press

Who are we?
We are a small publishing house in Saginaw, MI started especially in the hope of making available works of our fathers in the faith that will edify the faithful and address the challenges facing the Lutheran Church of our own day. Magdeburg Press will also consider current works, including devotional materials and quality fiction, that meet the same criteria, should authors submit them.

The larger confessional Lutheran publishing houses are understandably unable to publish all of the wealth of materials that have been produced by our fathers in the faith throughout the centuries, or that of our contemporaries, and we encourage you to support them as they seek to make the best that they are able to provide available to the public. Magdeburg Presses, however, seeks to make available such works as might otherwise not make it into print and to do so, in spite of our limited resources, at prices that will not be prohibitive for the average pastor or layperson. 

What is available?
The Sacred Meditations of Johann Gerhard is our first project completed. Even Death, a novel, is now available as well. We are currently working on a book of sermons by Adolph Hoenecke, two works by Matthias Flacius, and a several other projects.

Are you open to suggestions or proposals?
We are most certainly happy to consider various projects. Be aware, however, that we are a small group of Lutheran pastors working on these things in our spare time, which is not always plentiful. Because Magdeburg Press is a small publishing house still very much early in its development, we are also operating on an extremely tight budget. These factors will limit how much we are able to commit to or undertake.

Where can we purchase Magdeburg Press publications?
At this time we are hopeful that our publications will be carried by several Lutheran publishing houses. But our publications are conveniently also available right here as well, and purchasing them here has the added benefit of returning more of the purchasing price to Magdeburg Press, since we sell our books to other booksellers at a substantially discounted price, so that they can make a profit that justifies carrying the book. In addition, these books tend to ship more quickly that way as well. If you would rather speak to an individual, you can call 989-781-2885.

What can we do to help?
You can talk to your friends, pastors, or laypeople about our publications if you find them beneficial, encourage local bookstores to consider carrying them, link us on your websites if you have them, and spread the word in whatever way you deem appropriate. Such help is very much appreciated.

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